STORMA marble granite PLC bridge cutting machines have a monoblock body and a rigid structure. In this way, vibration-free and high-speed cutting can be done. It is equipped with PLC control unit and high quality electrical and mechanical equipment. Integrated with hydraulic work table.

  • Multifunctional mobile operator panel with color touch digital screen
  • Full automatic programming, automatic movement in 3 axes and sizing of the plate in desired dimensions
  • 35mm mm in the “x” axis, 1900 mm in the “Y” axis
  • Manual side cutting 0-70° rotation angle control from the operator panel
  • Automatic 90° head cycle
  • Using Ø500 mm disc with 9 kW saw motor
  • With 11 kW saw motor, speed control between 1400-2900 rpm and Ø650 mm disc usage
  • Fixed work table
  • Hydraulic work table

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    Machine Dimensions: 5310 x 2590 x 2425 mm
    Cutting head travel : 3500 mm
    Bridge travel : 1900 mm
    Saw Vertical Travel : 250 mm
    Travel speed: 10 m: min Side
    Cutting angle (rev X) : 0-700
    Maximum Saw Size: Ø500 (Ø650 optional) mm
    Saw Speed : 1400 (1400-2900 optional) rpm (d: min)
    Saw Motor Power: 9 (S1)-(11 S1 optional) hp
    Cutting Depth: 150 (200 optional) mm
    Installed Power: 11 (13 optional) kW
    Machine Weight 3500 (4500 optional) kg