It has the opportunity to cut marble, granite, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, wood, titanium, aluminum, steel, ceramic, carbon fiber, acrylic, plexi, composite and many other materials with high precision at the desired angle.

  • X-axis 1000mm, Y-axis 1000mm clear cutting area
  • Z axis 200 mm vertical travel area
  • Beckhoff CNC control unit and Contranest software
  • Proximity switch for position O (zero)
  • BFT 50HP 4000bar high pressure pump
  • IWP cutting head
  • Abrasive transfer unit
  • Electronic Central Lubrication System
  • Booster Pump/ Oil-air cooler / Handwheel

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    X axis 1000 mm, Y axis 1000 mm net cutting area
    Z-axis 100 mm Thickness
    C axis cutting head rotation automatic 0-360º
    Beckhoff CNC and Contranest software
    12” Color display
    4000 Bar 50 HP KMT/BFT Pump
    KMT/IWP Cutting Head
    Automatic Abrasive Dosing Unit