It has the opportunity to cut marble, granite, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, wood, titanium, aluminum, steel, ceramic, carbon fiber, acrylic, plexi, composite and many other materials with high precision.

  • X axis and Y axis movement area in desired dimensions
  • Z-axis vertical range of 200-500mm
  • Beckhoff CNC control unit and Contranest software
  • Proximity switch for position O (zero)
  • KMT/BFT 50HP 4000/6000 bar high pressure pump
  • KMT/IWP cutting head
  • Automatic abrasive dosing unit
  • Abrasive transfer unit
  • Electronic Central Lubrication system
  • Booster Pump/ Oil-air cooler / Handwheel

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    2 coats of primer and 2 coats of acrylic painted caps and protectors on portal type body
    Full stress relief annealed table and bohrwerk-treated mounting surfaces, rust-proof steel edge guards
    Proximity switch for O (zero) position
    Complete open space (standard machine) that does not interfere with material loading and unloading
    Exchangeable grids (standard machine)


    WJ1515 (1500mm x 1500mm)
    WJ1530 (1500mm x 3000mm)
    WJ2030 (2000mm x 3000mm)
    WJ2040 (2000mm x 4000mm)
    WJ2060 (2000mm x 6000mm)
    WJ3040 (3000mm x 4000mm)
    WJ3060 (3000mm x 6000mm)


    Linear guides (X and Y axis) in the seal guard
    Ball screw, precision rack, linear guideways in X-axis and Y-axis
    Control by servo motor in X ,Y and Z axis
    Electronic central lubrication system
    Mechanical and electrical products are predominantly of German origin.


    Mechanical Precision ± 0.06 mm
    Repetition Accuracy ± 0.05 mm
    Cutting Speeds X-Axis 0 – 34,000 mm/min
    Cutting Speeds Y-Axis 0 – 34,000 mm/min
    High Pressure Water Jet Pump (50 HP standard machine)
    KMT Neo / BFT Ecotron 40.37
    Max. Pressure (Bar): 4,000 bar
    Engine power : 50
    Water consumption(LPM): 3.7 lt/min
    HP Pump Options: HP Pump / Pump  / 40 HP, 50 HP, 60 HP, 75 HP, 100 HP
    CNC Control System:  FAGOR (FAGOR / BECKHOFF)
    Cutting Head :  KMT IDE / IWP
    CAM Software: Igems CAM / Contronest CAM
    Accessories Abrasive Transfer Unit: Abrasive Feeding System
    Cutting head water-return valve
    (Prevents water from reaching the chamber and soaking the garnet abrasive) US Patented
    Automatic Abrasive transfer Unit
    Has an abrasive filling sensor and pressure sensor and a system that warns the operator
    There is also a light warning and warning system


    FAGOR (FAGOR / BECKHOFF) axis control, software included
    Screen, touch: TFT WVGA 800×480 pixel (11”)
    Supply Voltage 24 VDC
    CAM Software, reading in dxf format, calculation of duration and length