Feel the difference of machining with saw and milling in maximum quality with our STORMA CNC 5-axis Machine!

STORMA CNC 5 axis marble granite bridge cutting machines have a monoblock body and a rigid structure. In this way, vibration-free and high-speed straight cutting, circular cutting, cross (step) cutting, french balcony marble with automatic servo input 450 angle cutting, profile scanning processes and milling feature…

  • X-axis 3500 mm, Y-axis 2100 mm travel area
  • Z axis 500 mm vertical travel
  • C axis cutting head rotation automatic 0-360 º (5 axis CNC machine)
  • CNC controlled tilt of A axis manual 0-90 º (5 axis CNC machine)
  • TEX PowerD CNC Control Unit, 5 axis Digital communication control unit and servomotor / drivers
  • 20 HP Saw Motor 3000 rpm
  • Mobile Operator Panel
  • Laser 50 mW and 3-axis Bracket
  • Automatic Water Valve
  • Automatic Central Lubrication
  • Schneider brand or equivalent electrical materials

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    Machine Dimensions 5850x2620x3500mm
    Cutting head movement 3500mm
    Bridge move 2100mm
    Saw Vertical Movement 300mm
    Movement speed 15 m/min
    Side Cutting and Edge Profile Machining angle (A axis) 90 degrees
    Head rotation circular motion (C-axis) 360 degrees
    Max Saw Size 650mm
    Saw Age 300-2900 (6000) rpm (r/min)
    Saw Motor Power 20 hp
    Depth of Cut 200mm
    Installed Power 25 kW
    Machine Weight 5000 kg