5 Axis Bridge Type CNC Machining Center combines metal working machines with bridge cutting and 3D block processing. Maximum performance with DDX Easystone and Artec Laser scanning products. <0.01 mm precision CNC machining

  • Operator panel with touch color digital display, CNC control of X, Y, Z, C, A and milling axes, multifunctional mobile operator panel (Standard)
  • Max 6000 mm in “X” axis, max 20000 mm in “Y” axis, max 1500 mm in “Z” axis
  • Automatic A-axis, 0º- 180º
  • CNC machining with 0.01 mm precision
  • “C” axis, 0º-360º clockwise head rotation
  • The possibility of cutting with speed adjustment from the operator panel between 25 HP, (Standard Spindle) and max 12000 rpm
  • Automatic doffing, aluminum table
  • Automatic central lubrication standard

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    Cutting head movement 1500 – 6000mm
    Bridge move 2000mm – 20000mm
    Spindle Vertical Movement 500mm – 1500mm
    Movement speed 32.5m/min
    Side Cutting and Edge Profile Machining angle (A axis) +/- 180º
    Head rotation circular motion 360º
    Spindle Speed 2000 – 12000rpm
    Spindle Motor Power 25 HP (standard)
    Operating Voltage 380 V / 50 Hz