STORMA CNC 3-axis Monoblock Router Machine, rigid body, stress relief annealing
applied steel construction and linear guides on two-sided machined surfaces, vibration-free,
3-axis automatic precision positioning with backlash-free gearboxes quickly and precisely
provides. The machine has “CE” certificate. 24 months for mechanical, 6 months for electrical components
is guaranteed.

    Heavy metal construction made of reinforced profile. BORUSAN-PRO reinforced steel, All welded steel
    The parts were subjected to stress relieving annealing at 650 degrees and processed in Bohrwerk. Rust-resistant 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of acrylic paint. Dimensions. mm. 3850 x 1950 x 2400 (L x W x H).
    Dimensions mm. 2200 x 1200 (L x W) fixed work table.
    Hydraulic Lift Table, 3000 kg capacity
  • BRIDGE MOTION ( Y axis )
    The bridge moves 1200 mm. Linear slides and precision carriages are used and the U
    preserved with bellows. A ground helical rack-pinion drive system is used.
    There is a grease point and internal lubrication in the center. Driven by backlash-free reducers and servomotor
    movement, adjustable speed control (0÷30 m/min). With the Ammeter control located on the operator panel
    Movement speed can be adjusted from the digital screen depending on the hardness and thickness of the stone.
    2200 mm of travel, linear guides and precision trolleys are used on the bridge and U and I
    preserved with bellows. Ground helical rack-pinion drive system is used.
    There is a grease point and internal lubrication in the center. With Planetary Backlashless gearboxes and servomotor
    driven movement, adjustable speed control (0÷30 mt./min).
    300mm. It is driven by backlashless reducer and servomotor and ball screw. 2 high-strength chrome
    guided by the cylinder. Movement is limited by safety limit switches.
    5.5 kW MOTOR ER25 / ER32 Tool Holder
    On 5-axis machine: 22 HP motor, 0-6000 rpm, saw only
    Saw Current (Amperes) can be read digitally from the operator panel (STANDARD) Feed – rate standard, setting the most efficient speed
    Handheld CNC control panel is standard. Precise position and speed control of X, Y, Z axes. Optional: CNC Unit with 11” Display. Automatic programming and transfer of CAD files to the operator panel via USB Multi-functional ( 15 operator friendly controls ) Mobile Operator Panel.
    Water requirement for tool cooling 30 liters / minute DN20, 24V DC solenoid valve that automatically starts the water flow when the Spindle Motor is turned on

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    3-axis operator panel, 3-axis CNC control of X,Y,Z axes
    NET cutting area of 2,200 mm in the “X” axis, 1,200 mm in the “Y” axis
    Z axis =300mm
    Precision marble processing with 5.5 kW spindle motor at 18,000 / 24,000 rpm rpm
    Fixed tray: Standard
    Central lubrication with pump Standard
    Automatic tool coolant : Standard
    Machine weight :3,000 kg
    Machine dimensions: 3850 x 1900 x 2400
    Operating Voltage: 380 V / 50 H